Wednesday, 8 February 2012

(Day 2) starting to feel it

Ok so today i did my usual 10 minute work out on the treadmill which works out at about 1.5km distance burning around 130 calories which is a good start. I then went on to a solid 5 minute rowing session which i almost made it to 1km travelled.

 I then spent most of my time on the machines mainly working my shoulders and my chest areas as these are the areas i want to build up fast and then work my way down to my stomach so i dont try to do too much at once.

Still waiting to get a copy of my full routine that i do but i chop and change it so much its not really a set routine but i will be creating a template for this blog so that you can have a good detailed overview how things are going i will post again tommorow with more details on what i plan to do with my blog but until then enjoy a couple more photos i took after i finished.

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Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

1st day at the gym went well.

Ok so i had my first real session at the gym today and has to be said it felt great, ive been preparing for it for a good month or so and was happy with how much i got done when it came to the machines and weights for that first session.

I started off with a 100 calorie burner on the treadmill on the endurence setting which means the speed varies from 6km an hour to 11.5km an hour every 30 seconds or so it makes for a very good and effective start.

Then i moved onto some of the more hardcore workout machines like the chest press, leg press and many others. I plan to bring home my basic routine that i will be doing everyday so that you can see what i do to start to achieve bodyshape.

Ok so i know im going to look a bit chubby and un-toned but i want to share with all of you exactly how i look each day so here are a couple of shots of how i looked shortly after i finished at the gym. Keep checking back to see how i progress and see just how easy it is to get fit.

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Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Monday, 6 February 2012

Late start date sorry about the delay.

Ok so my plan to have this blog up and running on the 1st of feb kind of failed but thats only because i couldne get my gym induction done until today the 6th of feb.

But now that i have done my induction i can now start posting my performances,  just to let you all know that i have lost 22lb so far before i even started the gym and that was in a measly 5 weeks and all i did was change my food habits (no snacks) and did some light training that is all.

I was a heavy 15st 08lb when i decided to start to lose some weight and got to 14 stone the night before my induction after my induction im sure ive lost a couple more as it was pretty intense haha.

But ok from tommorow expect daily updates on how i am doing and keep a look out at my body shots as im sure over the first few weeks you will see a great increase in muscle mass as my body will not be used to the intense training i plan to put myself through.

When i can i will bring home my routine and what it is that i do at the gym so that you can use this as a guide for yourselves so you too can get that body you want for summer or even just to help with your own self images. Keep tuned and be ready for some really cool transformations in the near future.

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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Gym preporation and start date for transformation.

OK so i plan to start the gym on the 1st of February and go at least 4 times a week. This should send me well on my to getting the body Ive always wanted, and best of all I'm going to be doing most of it naturally to show all the protein shake takers out there that they are not needed and a cost that you don't need to waste to get toned and bulk up.

So considering Ive spent most of this month with no info on what I'm doing here are a few things i have started to do to make my induction to gym life a little bit easier.
  1. Eating a lot healthier - by just adding a few vegetables in every meal and not snacking throughout the day has made me lose more weight than anything else i think and has made me use up my body fat during the day rather than just by adding to it by having a chocolate bar.
  2. Ive started to do light weights at home these only include up to 4.5kg single handed weights that i use in a number of different positions, on top of that i have a thigh trainer and some push up bars to help my overall fitness level and help shed those extra pounds.
  3. lastly i have taken to jogging around my local marina, not only is it lovely to look at it works out at around a mile for a round trip from my home to the end of the marina and back again so i get to do around 5 miles in jogging a week on top of a full days work that has me running around a lot as it is.

And that is pretty much all i have been doing to get ready to start my transformation and already i have lost 7lb in 2 1/2 weeks which is great for me and my spare tyre I'm trying to get rid of around my middle.

 In my next post which will be close to my start day i will post how much my starting weight was at the beginning of January and what it was when i started then gym then after that i will be posted a day by day through of my training which will include.
  1. Picture of my body on that day for reference.
  2. List of just what i did during that session
  3. Hoping to be able to post my BMI of each day
  4. how much wight i lose each day if i lose/gain any weight at all.
Thanks for reading and IL keep you posted with more updates soon,
James G

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Start date of transformation

Hi im James and i am going to be using this blog to monitor my progress over the next 6 months of being at the gym to see just how far i can go.

I will not be using any proteins or supplements for the first month or two to see if progress is steady enough on its own, If i dont progress as fast as im expecting then i will move onto a protein shake and vitamin supplements to aid in muscle growth.

Im not hoping to become really big i just want to get a nice toned body for the summer s that i can take off my shirt and not feel fat in anyway that is pretty much my goal in this.

I will start off on some cycling and light weight training for the first few sessions i do and finishing each with a few lengths of the competition pool, Then after i have dropped down some weight i will go on to some more heavy duty weight training so that i can bulk up fast. 

Its not going to be easy so i wanted to make this Blog so that i can show to myself that i will see a difference in my body shape and my health while i work out, At least then i can show all of you just how simple it can be to do the same as i hope to do and you can follow me along my progress on a day to day basis. 

Each day i aim to post a body shot of how i look starting on the 1st of febuaryand also a little information on how im feeling both while i work out and afterwards so you can see along with me just how my fitness improves.